Overview of the Story

Title: Centurion

Genre: Historical Fiction/Romance

Setting: The Roman Empire in the first century AD.

Point of View: The story is Roman in its perspective, with the centurion serving as the point-of-view character.

Author: Ken Gire

Synopsis: The centurion who oversaw the crucifixion of Christ is haunted by the experience and seeks out Mary Magdalene, one of his followers, to learn more about this enigmatic king whose kingdom was not of this world. In the weeks that follow, the centurion and Mary fall in love. But, when he is sent to fight on the Frontier, they are separated for an agonizing three decades.

Their story is played out over the years and on the most brutal of stages—a sweeping stage that includes persecution within the borders of the Roman Empire and war outside its borders. The story chronicles their respective journeys, which take very different routes: hers toward God; his away from God.

Coming to Rome for the first time at the end of his career to receive his reward for a lifetime of service to the Empire, the centurion realizes he has traded his life for a box of gold, incurring losses along the way, both to his faith and to his humanity. He then sets out to find the love that he lost—and the soul that he lost—so many years ago.

Publication date: September, 2014.

Copyright by Ken Gire

Film rights available.


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